Labour Supply



Concrete pouring:  

We have a lot of experience with concrete pouring for projects big and small. Regardless of what you need; boom pump, line pump, or straight tip delivery, we are prepared to handle all your concrete pouring needs.

Concrete Finishing:  

Not only is the delivery of your concrete important, but so is the finishing. We can offer you a wide variety of finishing services from tamp-float to trowel and everything in between.

Labour Supply:

There’s nothing more important to getting a job done well then hiring the right people. If you don’t have experienced workers, you’ll find out very quickly that your job will not only get done very slowly, but lives could be endangered. That’s why Universal Brothers Ltd provides only the very best workforce. All of our workers are well-trained and ready to work. They are experienced and skilled at what they do, having worked countless hours on similar projects.

Our men are not just workers, they are specialists. You can rest assured that your job will be handled professionally and quickly, all for an affordable price, by our team at Universal Brothers Ltd.

Safety & Code of Conduct:  

All of our men are CSCS qualified and on top of this we also carry out Quality Induction Training with them as well. It’s because of the importance we place on health and safety that we’ve never had a major incident involving any of our staff.

We take the approach that every one of our workers is not only responsible for themselves but also for their colleagues too. This means our workers behave with such a level of professionalism that it inspires others to mimic them and to work to a higher standard.

Site Security:

Your business cannot afford to dismiss Security as an after thought as issues such as theft and vandalism are a constant fear for the construction industry. Our staff are on hand to supply on site visible security to you to deter the threat of crime.

We are able to provide security for redevelopment sites, building demolition sites, civil engineering, motorway and road construction, overhead lines, refurbishing, underground cables, gas pipelines and rail networks throughout the UK. This security
is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whatever the weather.